Gay Herpes Dating Tips – How to Deal with Herpes and Relationships

The herpes virus doesn’t discriminate, unlike other people. It doesn’t care what kind of sexual activity is producing the right conditions for infection. Keep in mind that different sexual practices can result to different risks. Gay herpes dating is one of the things that sexually active individuals should herpes dating

In the past, genital herpes is more prevalent among gay men compared to heterosexuals. That is no longer the case at present because more heterosexual couples are having unprotected oral sex, and getting infected that way. However, the number cause of herpes cases among the gay community is anal sex. Studies have also shown that having herpes virus makes a person susceptible to HIV infection.

It has been said that one in four men are infected with herpes Simplex II (HSV 2) and only 20 percent of those infected experienced symptoms. Majority of gay with herpes don’t know they had the virus. The bad news is that once you have herpes, you will have it for the rest of your life. There are treatments to reduce the severity and length of the outbreak, but they don’t help in getting rid of the virus from one’s system.

The good news is that there are fewer stigmas attached to gay dating herpes patient or any other STI. Safer sex practices are accepted in general, and there is several herpes support groups aimed at the gay community.

Gay Dating with Herpes

Being diagnosed with herpes is not the end of the world or the relationship. Lots of people have herpes. Even celebrities get the herpes virus. You should consider having less casual sex. You don’t need to limit yourself to other people with herpes, but you should be honest with your dating herpes

Telling other people that you have herpes can be hard at first but it gets easier over time. It is important to tell the person you are dating that you have herpes. While you might not hear from some guys again, there are people who will do some research and ask some questions. And more often than not, people who are open-minded about the virus are the ones worth keeping. It is also important to consider that a person choosing not to have sex with you because you had herpes was not a reflection on you as a person or a rejection. It was just their choice, and they didn’t like the idea of being careful all the time.

If you are a gay with herpes, it is important that you are not disgusted with yourself. You should learn to love yourself, and then you can love others. Contracting the virus can make you a bit self-conscious, but that doesn’t mean that you stop loving others. Try gay herpes dating to find your potential partner.