Herpes and Dating: Being Completely Honest with It

For many people, having herpes is more than just a health condition, but also having a dark secret that they find hard to share. Genital herpes dating can be challenging, basically because you have no assurance of how such condition will be accepted. A lot of men who meet women with herpes might not take the situation positively. On the part of the women, this can be depressing. If you have herpes, however, you should not try to mask the situation just so that your relationship won’t be affected. You should be honest about your condition. If your partner really loves you, he will completely accept you regardless of your condition.herpes and dating

How to Tell Your Partner

If you have herpes, break the news to your partner as soon as you expect to have sexual contact. Remember, herpes won’t just affect you, but other people as well. If you are aware that there will be a risk of exposure, such as genital to genital contact, tell the other person that you have herpes right away. Consider it as confessing a dark secret. Before telling someone about it, do as much research as possible or have a consultation with a medical professional or herpes support groups. This will help to make you prepared to answer questions your partner might have.

For herpes and dating to blend in together and to not negatively affect your relationship, make sure to find the right setting before admitting about herpes. The worst time would be when having sex. More often than not, the best would be during an instance wherein there will be just the two of you. Perhaps, a romantic dinner date would do. This will give you time to talk about the situation.

How to Deal With It

As it has been earlier mentioned, dating people with herpes can be a big challenge. It will affect you and your partner. Nonetheless, this is not a hopeless situation. One of the best ways to deal with the situation is to be informed. You should know the fact that even with herpes; you can still have a sexually fulfilling relationship.nyc herpes dating

Another way of dealing with herpes and dating is to make changes in your sex life. Using a condom can help to lower the risks, but keep in mind that it is not a guarantee that transmission hazards will be completely eliminated. Avoid sexual activity if there are breakouts. Taking medications is also recommended.

The best way to deal with herpes is to accept it. You will be in denial at first, but in the end, accept the fact that you have herpes. This can bring a calm and peaceful feeling, especially when your partner accepts you for who you are.