MPWH Review

Meet People with Herpes (MPWH) is a welcoming and warm-hearted community for women & men living with herpes to chat with each other. The most commendable is that when you enter this herpes dating site, you will find that there are a large number of people living with herpes in and around your city and meet each other in the virtual world and in reality. At present, the site has been help people to hold a lot of meetings and organize some other activities in major cities across the United States, including the European cities. If you enjoy both online and offline dating or other activities, this site is very suitable for you.

Initially Joining

The site is easy to navigate and clean. As the page loads, the first thing a new user can do is conduct a quick search, which will show them users that fit their set of parameters. Say a new user was interested in finding a male, ages 23-35, from the USA in New York City, within a few moments has pulled matching profiles from its vast user base. Matches are displayed as gold members first, then people online, and finally inactive users. This list can be filtered and changed with different parameters in mind, such as distance. Persons that are always on the site are displayed at the top.

Only Herpes

Obviously for someone looking to utilize, the type of herpes that they are carrying and the type that their potential partner may have is a huge consideration. On this site, finding someone with compatible strains is no problem. For premium members, there is an option to only show those with a certain herpes simplex type. For most people who want to find partner, the profiles of potential matches contain the information that they know about their situation.

    Members of living with:
    • HSV-1 (cold sore)
    • HSV-1 (genital)
    • HSV-2 (genital)
    • HSV-2 (cold sore)
    If you are not sure what type of herpes you are infected with, you can choose "Herpes (not sure the type)" to join the site.

Start Greeting

Connecting with a person over MPWH is simple, just click on the results from a quick search and send that person a wink, message or email.

MPWH asks that their users fill out a full profile, including information on smoking, drinking, political beliefs, body type, and pets. In filling out a profile, MPWH also asks the individual what they are looking for in a match. Perhaps a new user does not smoke cigarettes but does not mind if their partner does.

MPWH makes matching features simple and fast to find people based on any criteria that a user can think and implement.

Winks & More

Speaking with users can either be through forum post, blog post, winks, or private messages. Winks make it easier to start conversing with someone, even if the user doesn’t know what to say. Users can purchase winks from the site but the first couple are free. Along with winking, there’s the option to simply send a message to the person directly. Messages go to that person’s email directly so they can see immediately when another user messages them.


In creating a profile and going on the search for connections, it’s very important to note that allows for same-sex or opposite-sex relationships. If the user is a man seeking other men, can pull a list of men seeking men as well. There is total control in setting preferences, which makes stand out among its peers. On other dating sites, a user must go back to their original settings to make a change but on it just takes a click.

Forum & Blog

MPWH suggests that their users remain active on their profiles. A daily user of MPWH will create more buzz on the site than someone who only gets on every couple of days. As with many other sites, it’s possible to run a forum or blog on MPWH. Forums and blogs also allow the community to grow stronger.

  • Forums range in topics from dating someone without herpes to staying married with the diagnosis to questions about the virus itself. They are easily searchable by the tags on the threads, for instance clicking on ‘Sex with Herpes’ will lead to every forum concerning sex with herpes.
  • Blog posts are less formal but are all the same important to the community. Members of the community can share how they feel and what is going on in their daily lives. There are posts that just have pictures and posts that just have words. Living with herpes can sometimes be a lonely and difficult path, but MPWH makes it easier to not feel as isolated.

Paid Membership Cost

  • A month to month membership cost is $29.95 per month.
  • The cost of membership for three months is $59.95.
  • While the six months membership runs around $95.95.

Payments: PayPal, Credit Card, Charge Card, Check Card, Debit Card, Bank Check or Money Order by Postal mail.

Download Free APP is web based, but in today’s market it makes sense that there is an APP option as well. Now users can carry their search for connections in their pocket. This is of dire importance to those people who move frequently, such as salespeople or flight attendants. The ability to continue moving and changing where people are located makes MPWH appealing. truly is available to any person that may need it at any time of day.

meet people with herpes app


Signing on to is easy. All that a new user needs for a profile is basic information, a quick tagline or about me section, and a photo. Users can choose to be as detailed or vague as they want to with their profile. MPWH discourages sharing extremely personal information on their public profile, but assures it’s users that privacy is a major concern.


“I am not the H, and the H is not me.”

This and similar sentiments adorn the tops of dating profiles on, a dating site exclusively for people with herpes. The site is based on the belief that persons infected with herpes deserve to find love with someone, and they do.

For people living with herpes, meeting someone that is comfortable and affectionate can be something that keeps them motivated and happy. makes it easier for persons living with herpes to find and connect with someone who is sympathetic to their condition. There is never a better time to be someone that has been recently diagnosed with Herpes.