Positive Singles Review

Why PS

A positive test result does not necessarily mean a negative impact on a person’s life. Most adults have some kind of sexually transmitted infection and the numbers are growing by the day. For most dating websites, it’s a big no-no or simply not a appropriate place for infections, but not on PS.com.

PositiveSingles makes it easy for people to connect with others that may share a similar infection. While there are other dating sites online that cater to Sexually transmitted infections, PositiveSingles.com actually includes a whole gamut of infections, from herpes to gonorrhea. HIV/AIDS, HPV, chlamydia, syphilis, the list goes on and on.

PositiveSingles.com excludes nobody and makes an attempt to include anyone in the community. Just like it says on the tagline, anyone can find love, support, and hope at PS.com.

Quickly Joining

Getting started on Positive Singles is simple. All one has to do is fill in a couple blanks that pertain to them, upload a picture, think of a short biography, and then the site is up! The interface is easy to navigate and brightly colored, the quick search allows for matches to be made very quickly, for people to be able to find the support and love that humans need within seconds.

In A Relationship

Just because someone has found love outside the site doesn’t mean that they cannot participate in PositiveSingles, in fact, there is an option that allows a user to set their profile to be ‘in a relationship’ or ‘taken’ instead of single. In that way, PositiveSingles really isn’t just about dating or finding romantic love, it can also be about finding solid, companionate love.

Unique Features

Unique features of PositiveSingles include their groups, live support, live dating advisor, stories about treatment and stories to inspire their community. Customers can also expect to have a 24 hour free help line and a FAQ section about their STI. It is the amount of service that someone with an STI should expect from a site such as this, where people come at their most vulnerable. Not to mention the site’s special STI care facilities, which really helps the user feel cared for and appreciated. Persons struggling with their Infections need look no further than PositiveSinglesto find the care that they need.

Let's Meet

Another feature that PositiveSingles has is the ‘Let’s Meet Up' function. This operates similarly to Tinder and Bumble in that the site allows a user to ‘swipe’ through potential matches near them. Finding a match through swiping is the new trend that many sites are embracing, but the unique thing about PositiveSingles is that a user can choose to instantly message the person instead of waiting on a match. Obviously this is helpful not only because it takes some of the anxiety and suspense out of swiping, but also because it pulls up large pictures of other connections in a user’s area.


There are not too many dating sites that have a section devoted to stories about success and inspiration. That is one of the features that really sets PositiveSingles apart from the rest. Users on the site can post their stories about overcoming their struggle with STI, and read about how people with their same Infection are going about their daily life. With PositiveSingles, even if someone is not looking for a relationship, they can find a community and build friendships therein.

Valuable Features

The valuable features should be the features you want and will use, especially some paid features of herpes dating websites. These valuable features help PositiveSingles become the leader in many top rated herpes dating sites, at the same time, they also help members improve the chances of matching and get better services.

  • Features to refine search results:
    • Advanced / Saved / Keywords / Photo
    • State / Province or Zip / Postal Code / City
    • Living with (by types of STDs)
    • New / Verified / Gold / Recommended members
    • Height / Ethnicity / Body Type / Children
    • Religion / Education / Smoking / Drinking
  • Features to communication with members:
    • Sending emails / online chat room
    • Respond to others' first date ideas
    • Winked At Me / Emailed Me / Viewed Me / Interested In Me
    • Requested My Photo / Liked My Photo / My Favorites
    • Answer others` questions and post your own
  • Features to protect your privacy:
    • Hide others from search results
    • Hide from others / standard members except my favorites
    • Hide from women / men / couple
    • Hide from members with other types of STDs
    • Hide from straight / gay members
    • Create your private album
  • Features to find support:
    • 24 / 7 Phone & Live Customer Service Support
    • Live Dating Advisor / Successful Dating Advice
    • Live STD Counselor / STD Care Locations / STD Q & A
    • Treatment Stories / Success Stories
    • General Information / Help & FAQ

Herpes & Dating Support

You can contact STD counselor via live chat or email to get the herpes treatment and prevention of infection. Questions about herpes symptoms and prevention, you may find the answer to the question in STD Q & A (Live Counselor) or STD Dating Tips.

Live Dating Advisor offer advisory service on dating, safety and discuss emotional or psychological issues. Positive Singles encourages people to share their success dating experiences, and you can get inspiration and advice from these stories.


  • Standard Membership: Free
  • Gold Membership: (All prices are in U.S. Dollars)
    • 1 month payment of $29.95, about $1.00 per day
      (Compared to the original price of $39.95 to save 25%)
    • 3 months payment of $59.95, about $19.95 / month
      (Compared to the original price of $119.95 to save 50%)
    • 6 months payment of $95.95, about $15.95 / month
      (Compared to the original price of $239.70 to save 60%)

Support payment terms are: PayPal, credit card, charge card, check card, debit card, bank check or money order by postal mail, paid via App Store () or Google Play ().

Free Gold Membership Offer

PS offers bonus for the most active members and bloggers, at present there are two kinds of bonus scheme:

  • Free Gold Membership
    • Reported suspect scammers
    • Report abuse / scammer / problem profiles
    • Share your dating advice & safty tips
    • Propose quality suggestion
    • Share / promote site on social media sites
    • Write promotional articles or press releases
    • Recommend site to partner with other related sites
  • Free Lifetime Gold Membership(only for the most active bloggers)
    • Write more than 4,500 blog posts
    • Write more than 800 posts in one recent year

Privacy & Security

Users of PositiveSingles should feel comfortable and secure in the privacy features that the site offers. As before mentioned, the complete anonymity that the site provides is just one of the many layers that keeps it’s users safe. Another way that PositiveSingles keeps it’s users safe is the ability to hide from other persons within the site. Unless a user wants another one to see them, then they can remain totally hidden from everyone else. It’s also possible to hide online statuses and other more involved activities from other users. PositiveSingles knows that not everyone is completely at ease with their diagnosis, and so the site made privacy and anonymity a top priority.


With the onset of online dating with herpes, the world is just a few clicks away. At the front of the internet dating movement is PositiveSingles, the premiere dating site for persons with any kind of STI. While many sites simply cater to those that are struggling with just one kind of infection, PositiveSingles is all-inclusive, allowing members with any kind of STI to join in their userbase.

In being so open and accepting, PositiveSingles really sets itself apart from other dating sites. Although the site itself is open and welcoming, it prides itself on being one of the most secure and safe dating websites on the market.

In short, if someone with an STI of any kind is looking for romance, companionship, or maybe just a community of similar individuals, then there is nowhere else that a lonely heart needs to look. If you are one of the millions of adults that contract a STI every year, then PositiveSingles.com is for you.